Please join me in this campaign to enact a TRAVEL BAN on Trump by writing to your representatives in Washington.

Dear Congressperson:
Donald J Trump’s blatant refusal to totally divest himself of all business holdings and place the proceeds in a blind trust, as has been done by every other President in modern history, creates the opportunity for serious and substantial conflicts of interest, allowing Trump-owned businesses, and ultimately Trump himself, to financially benefit seriously and substantially from his tenure as President of the United States.
Every time Trump, as President, stays at a property owned by himself, his immediate family, or his business organization, which he does excessively and unnecessarily, these properties receive extensive free publicity, and patronage of these properties by the American public and foreign interests is unduly encouraged, ultimately allowing Trump to use these stays to line his pockets.
If Congress will not pass legislation to require the current and all future Presidents to divest of all business investments and place the proceeds in a blind trust while in office, I urge the passage of legislation that will ban Donald Trump and all White House staff and personnel from staying at any property that he, his immediate family, or his business organization owns, or holds an interest in, while he is in office, and also apply this ban to all future Presidents and White House staff and personnel  going forward.  Trump and his immediately family should only be allowed to stay at his primary personal residence in Trump Tower in New York City.
This legislation should also ban paying any federal government funds to any property or business owned, entirely or partially, by Donald Trump, his immediate family, or the Trump Organization while Trump remains in office, and apply to all Presidents going forward.
This is a very serious matter that requires your immediate action.

Sincerely yours,

Robert D. Flach
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