Saturday, July 1, 2017

Here is the story. 
·      It has been proven true that a business person continually, and unapologetically, screws his shareholders, investors, contractors, vendors, employees, and customers while lining his own pockets. 
·      It has been alleged that this same person screwed his niece and nephew out of their rightful inheritance so he could pocket it, and that he beat his wife after she criticized his hair in public.
·      He is charged with fraud for a “University” scam.
·      Whenever someone criticizes or challenges him, or his actions, instead of responding maturely and intelligently he calls the person who criticized or challenged him fat, stupid, ugly, weak, etc., etc., etc.
·      His main claim to “fame” is being a reality tv cartoon clown.
·      He thinks about running for President in 2012.  This possibility is cheered by comics everywhere as being a great source of material, as he is commonly considered to be a joke. 
·      He decides to run for President in 2016, despite having no government or public service experience and being totally ignorant about most of the issues, admitting to relying on “the shows” for his education on the issues. 
·      During the campaign he mocks and abuses POWs, women, and the disabled.
·      During the campaign it is revealed that he bragged about “grabbing pussy”.
·      During the campaign he called for Russia to hack his opponent’s computers and suggested gun owners “take care of” his opponent.
·      During the campaign he continued to respond to criticism and challenges like a 5-year old.  To him anyone who does not agree with him, or think he is perfect, has no value, and so their opinion has no value.
·      During the campaign he does not make a single completely truthful statement about anything, and constantly contradicts statements he has made and positions he has taken in the past.  Independent fact-checking agencies indicate he makes more “pants on fire” lies than probably all the other candidates combined.
·      Everything that has ever derailed the campaign of any politician in the past, and everything he accused any of his opponents of doing, he has done many times over during his lifetime.
·      He becomes President of the United States.
Would you have believed this could be possible if it were a book or a movie and not reality?
I wrote to my congresspersons calling for a travel ban for nut job loser Trump (click here to see my letter).
In a response from my representative I learned that the SWAMP ACT was introduced by Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) on May 11, 2017. If enacted, this legislation would compel President Trump to reimburse the Department of the Treasury for any costs associated with travel to a commercial entity, in which he has a financial interest, along with any associated protection costs by the U.S. Secret Service.
Write to your Congresspersons and urge them to support the SWAMP ACT.
THE LIBERTY BUZZ – Online Digest
+ Streisand sings.  DeNiro acts.  Trump lies.  It is what they do.
Trump’s Lies” from the NEW YORK TIMES begins (highlight is mine) –
Many Americans have become accustomed to President Trump’s lies. But as regular as they have become, the country should not allow itself to become numb to them. So we have catalogued nearly every outright lie he has told publicly since taking the oath of office.”
The bottom line -
There is simply no precedent for an American president to spend so much time telling untruths.”
Has the buffoon ever told the truth?
+ So much for justifying nut job loser Trump as a legitimate choice for President because he is a savvy and successful business man.  NEWSWEEK reports “Donald Trump Is Reckless, Erratic And Incompetent, According To Business Leaders Around the World”.
The vast majority of answers were far from positive, alluding to the president’s ego and short temper by calling him ‘narcissistic’, ‘self-absorbed’ and ‘disjointed’. Other responses were less damaging, though arguably unfavorable: One CFO called Trump ‘unconventional’, while another wrote the president is ‘disruptive’."
+ No surprise here. Noah Barkin of REUTERS tells us “Image of the United States has plunged under Trump, survey shows” -
. . . an overwhelming majority of people in other countries have no confidence in his {Trump's} ability to lead."
I don’t blame those who feel this way.  So do I!
The article goes on to say -
The survey, based on the responses of 40,447 people and conducted between Feb. 16 and May 8 this year, showed even deeper mistrust of Trump himself, with only 22 percent of those surveyed saying they had confidence he would do the right thing in world affairs, compared to 64 percent who trusted Obama.
Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, with confidence ratings of 27 percent and 28 percent respectively, scored higher than Trump.”
The longer idiot Trump remains in office the more damage he will do to America and the American people.